12 illegal cases, harassment.. Varupula Raja’s death due to that pressure: Chandrababu accuses YCP government

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu alleged that Varupula Raja died due to YCP government harassment. Chandrababu expressed his anguish that he was stressed with 12 cases.

tdp chief chandrababu naidu fires on ysrcp govt over varupula raja demise

First Published Mar 5, 2023, 5:46 PM IST

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu alleged that Varupula Raja died due to government harassment. He paid tribute to the mortal remains of Varupula Raja who died of a heart attack. Chandrababu reached Rajahmundry Airport from Hyderabad on Sunday.. and then reached Prathipadu of Kakinada district by road. Later, they paid respects to the body of the king and consoled the family members. Chandrababu assured that the party will stand by him in all ways. Later, the TDP chief spoke to the media and said that Varupula Raja was harassed with illegal cases. Chandrababu expressed his anguish that he was stressed with 12 cases.

Meanwhile, TDP senior leader Varupula Raja died of heart attack on Saturday night. Raja told his family that he had a heartache last night and was rushed to a private hospital in Kakinada. Varupula Raja breathed his last while undergoing treatment there. Varupula Raja is in charge of Saluru and Bobbili assembly constituencies in Uttarandhra MLC elections. Raja held meetings with the party leaders regarding the graduates election till Saturday afternoon. The graduates discussed the strategy to be followed in the elections.

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Later on Saturday evening he reached Prattipadu. Raja spent the night with party leaders, family members and relatives in Prattipadu till 9 pm. At the same time, he told his family members that he had pain in his heart. As a result, Varupula Raja was admitted to a private hospital in Kakinada by his family members. Raja died while being treated by doctors at the hospital. In the past too, Raja suffered two heart attacks. Due to this, the doctors performed stunts on him.

If not.. Varupula Raja is 47 years old. He has a wife and two children. He served as the chairman of DCCB of the joint East Godavari district and as the chairman of Apkab YS. In the 2019 assembly elections, Raja contested from Prattipadu as a TDP candidate and was defeated. Raja started his political career as Prathipadu MP. The leaders and ranks of Telugu Desam were shocked by his untimely death. Recently, the ranks of TDP were plunged into mourning as another senior leader Varupula Raja also passed away before MLC Bachula Arjuna recovered from his death.

Last Updated Mar 5, 2023, 5:46 PM IST

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