Cathay Pacific fired flight attendant for discrimination, comment: Hong Kong people have a sense of superiority, and the Hong Kong government ignores deep-rooted contradictions

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways is suspected of discriminating against passengers from mainland China. After netizens complained about Cathay on mainland social media, Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Ka-chau and Cathay CEO publicly apologized on May 24. Cathay Pacific has decided to fire the three flight attendants involved. The official media “People’s Daily” stated that it is necessary to “strengthen the rectification” of Cathay Pacific. Some commentators believe that there are differences between the people of the two places, Hong Kong people have a sense of superiority over mainlanders, and Hong Kong people‚Äôs dissatisfaction with mainland China has deepened in recent years. The Cathay Pacific incident occurred against this background. But the Hong Kong government only looks at the surface and refuses to face up to the root of the problem.

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