With the resumption of high-level business talks, the United States and China usher in an opportunity to unfreeze relations?

The United States and China have resumed high-level talks in the field of business and trade, continuing the momentum of a “thaw” in bilateral relations. After U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo met with visiting Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao in Washington on Thursday (May 25), U.S. Trade Representative Dai Qi also held talks with him in Detroit on Friday (May 26). . Wang Wentao is the first Chinese ministerial official to arrive in Washington since the Biden administration took office more than two years ago. Observers of US-China relations believe that it is not easy for this high-level contact between the US and China to take place. As new conflict points in bilateral relations are constantly emerging and there may be insufficient stamina for further “thawing”, if Beijing does not seize the opportunity , The “diplomatic melting ice” between the United States and China may stop here.

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