50 overs is too much.. Changes should be made in ODI cricket as well..: Ravi Shastri

Changes are happening in cricket which has been played for about 150 years. 60 over ODI format from test cricket.. reducing it to 50 overs.. T20 format in 2000s.. Lately it has come to Costa T10 leagues. And in England, there are tournaments called ‘The Hundred’ which end in 100 balls. In this context, Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of Team India, believes that there should be changes in ODI cricket as well.

Ravi Shastri said during the fourth day of the Ahmedabad Test as part of the latest India-Australia Test series… ‘If ODI cricket is to survive, there have to be changes in this game as well. To survive this format has to be reduced to 40 overs…

The reason I am saying this is that when we won the ODI World Cup in 1983, a team played 60 overs. Later it was shortened to 50 overs. And now (in view of next year’s ODI World Cup) it is time to reduce it to 40 overs. It is better if this format is shortened.. Presently T20 format is the main thing in cricket. This is Kamadhenu for the game. Bilateral series should also be controlled internationally. T20 franchises are already exciting fans in many countries. When the World Cup comes, it is enough to play some bilateral games…’ he said. He suggested that only by doing this, all formats of cricket can survive.

Shastri said that there is no loss to Test cricket.. Its importance will not decrease at all. In India, however, all formats are popular. Shastri said that the same trend will continue in Australia as well.


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