5G technology is a game changer, will make society smarter: Reliance Jio chief Akash Ambani

Reliance Jio chief Akash Ambani on Tuesday said the high-speed 5G technology will help revolutionize the healthcare, education, agriculture and disaster management sectors. Addressing a webinar organized on the budget proposals, Akash Ambani said that state-of-the-art telecom network technology plays a vital role in making cities smart and society safe. He expressed hope that within six months of the introduction of 5G technology in the country, it will reach remote areas. He said that Jio alone has launched ‘True 5G Service’ based on 5G network in 277 cities of the country.

“We aim to provide 5G services to every town and village in the country by the end of December. For this, every month we are engaged in expanding our 5G network. He said.


Moreover, Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani, the head of Reliance Industries, spoke more about 5G technology. He expressed hope that 5G will make our cities smarter and our society safer. This will speed up emergency services and make the industry more efficient.

He said that the ambulance with 5G technology will not only provide emergency assistance remotely but also immediately transmit medical information about the patient’s condition to the hospitals. He also said that it can be sent without any delay. Apart from this, he pointed out that this 5G technology will be actively used to work many apps related to new education.

Revolutionizing Education with 5G:
5G technology can be used to provide real-time experience to students and teachers through Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Supports the development of new apps that leverage student capabilities.

5G technology can provide efficient services even in ultra-low latency, in case of disaster, high resolution cameras in recovery zones, timely, accurate aid delivery, efficient in rescue mission.

The role of 5G technology in creating a smart city
5G technology is especially useful in smart cities to provide better connectivity, better data collection, better public services and better quality of life. Akash said that it can revolutionize people’s lives.

Entertainment breaks the boundaries…
He said that 5G technology will revolutionize entertainment through cloud gaming, 8K UHD streaming video and video content. .

Akash expressed hope that 5G technology will revolutionize the lives of doctors, students, farmers, teachers, factory workers, office workers and small businesses.


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