A 16-year-old Pakistani girl crossed two countries and met an Indian lover.. What happened after that?


First Published Feb 24, 2023, 4:54 PM IST

New Delhi: A 16-year-old Pakistani girl.. is not yet a minority. Over and over. But, she crossed two countries for an Indian boyfriend she met online. Even after four months, the girl’s family members cannot believe that their child crossed two countries and set foot in India. She landed on a flight from Pakistan to Dubai and from there to Nepal. It entered India through the border of Nepal. Her boyfriend took her to Bangalore. But, that’s where the real twist hits.

The dream of the girl who imagined something online has really been shattered. The boyfriend introduced himself to her as a Muslim youth. But, he is a Hindu. Moreover, the young man was not a software engineer named Sameer as she was told. A security guard in Bangalore. Name Mulayam Singh Yadav. Knowing these things, the girl again thought about her family. She opened WhatsApp and started calling her mother. Finally, the officials of both countries responded. The girl was reunited with her family in Pakistan.

Iqra Jiwani is the daughter of Sohail Jiwani in Sindh province of Pakistan. 26-year-old Mulayam Singh Yadav from Uttar Pradesh got in touch with Ludo online game. She used to talk to him often. Fell in love. She wanted to share her life with him. She decided to come to India without telling her at home.

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Sold her jewelry. Borrowed money from college friends. She left home in September. Since then, her family has been worried. She took a flight from Pakistan to Dubai and from there to Kathmandu. met Yadav at the Nepal border. Yadav took her to Bangalore and then home. They both got married.

He introduced her as a local Hindu girl named Rawa. He also made an Aadhaar card in her name. He applied for an Indian passport. But, seeing her performing Namaz, the neighbors became suspicious and informed the police. The police took her to a shelter home. Police and intelligence officers have started investigating how she came to India.

Her family told a senior police officer about the phone call the mother received in Pakistan. He informed the Pakistan Foreign Office. They approached the authorities on the Indian side.

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Iqra Uncle Afzal said that the Governments of Pakistan and India have cooperated with them and are grateful to them for getting their child back.

Iqra’s family did not talk much about this matter. That episode is over and asked not to ask about it. One said they were all still in shock. She said that she thought she had fallen in love with a Muslim software engineer, but when she went there, she realized that she had been deceived. It is explained that she chose the dangerous journey because she fell in love.

Mulayam Singh Yadav is currently in jail.

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