A 9-year-old child passed the test, Chat GPT, AI technology that is losing the minds of psychologists.

The AI ​​technology chat GPT, which is making even Google sweat, recently conducted a nine-year-old boy and passed the psychology test. Seeing the ability of Chat GPT, there is a discussion on how much more this technology is going to create in the future.

9-year-old child's test passed Chat GPT MKA

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 9:49 PM IST

Chat GPT is a machine learning based AI technology that is trending almost everywhere these days. The chat GPT craze is also constantly growing. Chat GPT is developed by Open AI. Microsoft is also continuously working on this technology. Because of this we cannot confirm its capabilities. Recently, Professor Michael Kosinski of Stanford University conducted ChatGPT, a psychological test to determine the abilities.

Testing in a ‘theory of mind’ task
Professor Michael Kosinski used ChatGPT to test different versions of a chatbot to complete a ‘theory of mind’ task. Actually this test is conducted to know the mental ability of the child. Through this test, children can learn how they behave in any situation. Basically, these tests help to understand a person’s mental state, to understand his or her behavior, especially to assess a child’s ability.

Chat GPT is thinking like a 9 year old…
This experiment was conducted in November 2022. Chat trained on GPT 3.5 used the GPT version. The chatbot solved 94% (20 of 17) of the Kosinski Theory of Mind tasks. Cosin Ski puts the chatbot in the same league as the twenty-two-and-a-half-year-old. According to Kosinksee, ChatGPT probability increases as language skills improve.

What is the theory of mind test?
Talking about theory of mind testing, he said that it is used to understand the behavior of people. The most crucial step in this test is understanding a person’s beliefs. The fourth step of this test is to get to know the person.

Last Updated Mar 1, 2023, 9:49 PM IST

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