A female teacher escapes with a student who is 11 years younger than her.

A teacher fell in love with her class 10 student. Both of them ran away together as they were seeing marriage relations at home. After coming back after two days…

lady teacher eloped with class 10th student, hyderabad - bsb

First Published Mar 4, 2023, 8:00 AM IST

Hyderabad: A shocking incident has come to light in Chandanagar, the capital of Telangana state, Hyderabad. A teacher ran away with a class 10 student. This incident came to light in Chandanagar Gachibowli police station. The details given by the police and locals are as follows. A woman (26) works as a teacher in a private school in Chandanagar. A student (15) from Gachibowli is studying tenth standard in the same school. In February, the grandfather of the female teacher filed a missing case at the Chandanagar police station claiming that his granddaughter was not being provided for.

After that he withdrew the case saying that his granddaughter returned two days later. In this order, the parents of the 10th class student also filed a complaint at the Gachibowli police station that their son was not seen on the same day that the teacher disappeared. Two days after that he also returned and they also withdrew the case. The police asked the student where she had gone. The parents and the police were shocked to hear what the student said.

CS Shantikumari has temporary responsibilities of RERA… till permanent authority is formed….

He said that he went on February 16 with a female teacher of his school. The police called the teacher and found the matter. It turned out to be true. Counseling was given to the teacher and the student. In this sequence, it turns out that both of them fell in love. The police came to a conclusion that the teacher was having an affair.. The teacher and the student did not like this.

Meanwhile, a similar incident came to light in Tamil Nadu last October. The police arrested the teacher under the POCSO Act in the student’s death case. According to the police, the student (17) who completed Plus Two from Ambattur, Chennai went to Rajdhani College Chennai for counseling on August 30 and returned home. After that he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in the room. He died while his parents were taking him to the hospital for treatment. The Ambattur police have taken up the investigation of the case.

It is learned that while he was studying at Sir Ramaswamy Salumiyar Higher Secondary School in Ambattur, the boy went to a tuition run by a woman working as a temporary teacher. It is known that she said that she loved him at that time. After that she got married at home and stopped talking to the student. Later it was learned that he committed suicide out of frustration that he was not taken care of. The teacher was then arrested under the POCSO Act.

Last Updated Mar 4, 2023, 8:00 AM IST

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