A lotus is blooming in the mud.. There are no such conditions in Kashmir: Modi lashed out at the opposition in both houses..

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the opposition on the platform of the Parliament and also satirized in his own style. Prime Minister Modi replied to the vote of thanks on the President’s speech in Parliament. Modi, who spoke in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday and in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, spoke for a long time about the development and welfare undertaken by the NDA government at the Center on both occasions. However, when Prime Minister Modi gave a speech in both the houses separately, opposition party members protested in both places. They tried to obstruct Modi’s speech. But Prime Minister Modi ignored it and said what he had to say. At the same time, the opposition was under fire. They attacked the Congress in particular. But if we look at Modi’s key comments on the opposition during his speeches in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Like this in the Rajya Sabha..
Modi said that the nation is seeing how many people a person is facing on the other side at the same time. He said that the parties opposing the BJP are throwing more mud. The Congress governments led by former Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi have been accused of using Article 356 of the Constitution at least 90 times to topple state governments led by several regional parties. Modi questioned the alliance of parties like NCP, DMK, TDP, Left… with Congress which had brought down their governments in the past.

PM Modi targeted Gandhi family members asking why they are ashamed to use Nehru’s surname. “I read it in some newspapers… I have not confirmed it. But a report says that 600 government schemes are in the name of the Gandhi-Nehru family alone. If someone does not mention Nehru’s name, some people get angry and blood boils. They ask why Nehru’s name is not mentioned. Generally if we keep Nehruji’s name aside.. he was the first Prime Minister of the country so we will correct our mistake. But I don’t understand why people in his clan are afraid to take Nehru’s surname. Why is Nehru surnamed? When his family is not ready to accept such a great personality, why are they questioning us,” said PM Modi, lashing out at the Congress.

Reacting to the allegations that the central government is not cooperating with the states, Modi said that he was the chief minister before becoming the prime minister and he knows the importance of the federal system. The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress is indulging in tokenism and vote bank politics and is not interested in finding permanent solutions to the problems. The Prime Minister accused the opposition parties of playing political games and looking for a way to protect themselves. The opposition has been criticized by some to understand that this country, which has a history of centuries, is made by the sweat and courage of the common people. He said that this country is not the property of any family.

Like this in the Lok Sabha..
At a time when the opposition was insisting on responding to the Hindenburg report on the Adani Group, Prime Minister Modi explained the figures related to the economic progress of the country without giving a direct answer to them. He criticized that many scandals took place during the 10-year UPA regime from 2004 to 2014. He said that the country suffered a lot during the UPA regime. Satires were made that ED had brought all the opposition parties on the same platform and did what the voters could not do. He said that not only Harvard, but all major universities in the world have studied the fall of Congress.

They said that the opposition is acting against them.. India has become weak and they are accusing India of putting pressure on other countries. Newspaper headlines or TV visuals did not give people confidence in Modi, he said. But he said that people had faith in him because of his years of dedication. He said that the trust of crores of people is his shield.. He is a member of 25 crore families. People know that Modi came to their rescue in times of crisis.. How will they accept your insults and accusations? Prime Minister Modi gave an emotional speech.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the opposition for wasting the last 9 years in making allegations. He said that constructive criticism has been replaced by forced criticism in nine years. There may be differences of opinion in politics, but they said that they are focused on building a developed India by 2047. Addressing Rahul Gandhi, he commented that those who came to Lal Chowk recently to hoist the tricolor must have seen how they are moving around without any barriers today. He said that in the 90s, when he decided to hoist the flag at Lal Chowk, extremists put up posters in protest, but today things have changed there. Today in Jammu and Kashmir every house tricolor flag program is successful.


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