A man was brutally murdered and his body was dumped in a septic tank.

The horrific incident of killing a young man in the context of extra-marital affair with a woman and hiding the dead body in a septic tank has come to light in Nalgonda.

man assassinated and dead body thrown into septic tank in nalgonda - bsb

First Published Mar 11, 2023, 11:40 AM IST

Nalgonda: A terrible incident has come to light in Nalgonda district of Telangana. A young man was brutally murdered. After that the dead body was thrown in the septic tank. This incident came to light late in Anjanapally of Tripuraram mandal of Nalgonda district. A man named Yarragorla Nagesh.. belongs to Anjanapally. On the 6th of this month, his elder brother Satish filed a missing complaint at the police station.

With this, the police started an investigation. Based on Nagesh’s cell phone calls, the investigation was started. Kanchugantla Srinivas of the same village has spoken several times in this. When he was interrogated, Nagesh was stabbed to death in the background of illicit relationship. The body was deposited in the septic tank of his house. Srinivas admitted this during police interrogation. On Friday, under the leadership of Haliya CI Gandhi Naik, a search was carried out in the septic tank and the body was recovered.

Delhi Liquor Scam.. MLC Kavitha attended the ED investigation..

Meanwhile, a woman who is not in a good mental state commits suicide. She killed her husband herself. After that she lived in the house with her husband’s dead body for five days. However, due to the stench coming from the house, the neighbors lodged a complaint at Ulidip Police Station. This brought the matter of husband’s murder to light. The incident took place in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Police identified the deceased as Amarnath Singh of Subhash Colony. He is a real estate dealer.

Amarnath Singh’s wife Meera. She is not in a good mood. . Due to this reason, there were frequent quarrels between the two of them. In the wake of quarrels, Meera used to throw things out of the house and create chaos. Locals who are used to such incidents often suspected that Amarnath had not been seen for five days due to the stench coming from the house.

When they questioned Meera, she scolded them and chased them away. Moreover, Meera electrified the fence around her house to prevent them from entering her house. As a result, none of the locals could enter the house. Finally after turning off the electricity near the transformer.. went inside the house and checked.. Amar Nath’s dead body was found. Amarnath and Meera have a son. He lives in Pune. Amarnath was missing from the house and the neighbors called him and told him about this.

Later, he was informed about what his mother had done. From there, he informed the local police over the phone. After receiving the information, the police came and inspected the incident site. Locals also said that Meera locked the house after killing Amar Nath. Amarnath’s dead body was recovered and shifted to MGM Hospital. Meera was detained.

Last Updated Mar 11, 2023, 11:40 AM IST

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