A rare honor for mega power star Ram Charan, soon to be honored by the hands of the Prime Minister..?

Mega power star Ram Charan is also going to get a rare honor. He is going to share the stage with Indian Prime Minister Modi and legendary cricketer Sachin. Yes, mega fans are happy knowing this. What is the matter?

Prime Minister Modi Honors Mega Powerstar Ram Charan

First Published Mar 15, 2023, 7:47 AM IST

The world knew the power of our heroes in Oscar. Bollywood has known our film guts. Those who have watched Telugu movies know the power of Tollywood. Tarak and Charan became global stars with RRR’s movie in this series. Especially mega power star Ram Charan has got global hero image. Film offers are also coming from Hollywood. Ram Charan is also going to get a rare honor in this show. The RRR team, which went to America for the Oscar award function, has been buzzing there for the past few days. The film has been in a rush with promotions. After all, he is going to return after winning an Oscar. RRR team is coming home today. India is waiting to give a grand welcome to the movie team.

In this program, Ram Charan is going to join the India Today Conclave to be held in New Delhi a few days after they arrived in India. Prime Minister Modi is going to be the chief guest for this prestigious event. Along with Modi, cricket god Sachin is also going to participate in this event. As Charan is coming to this program after Oscar, it seems that arrangements are going to be made to honor Mega Haro there.

Prime Minister Modi and Sachin Tendulkar are going to honor Charan in this event which is going to be held on 17th and 18th of this month in New Delhi. It seems that Prime Minister Modi is going to honor Charan for spreading the fame of our Telugu cinema all over the world. Not only that, it seems that Ram Charan is going to speak from this stage. Charan is likely to explain about the movie RRR.. the way the movie was taken to the global level, how it became a global wide success and won an Oscar.

Mega fans Dil Khush are getting to know about the rare honor that Ram Charan will get. This is going viral on social media. It is a matter of pride for a Telugu hero to get this range of support. Not only that, fans are eagerly waiting to see what else Charan will talk about. Not only that, the fans are getting ready to give a grand welcome to the RRR team first.

Last Updated Mar 15, 2023, 7:47 AM IST

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