A rare honor for RRR heroes… Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise, Brad F

Rajamouli changed the fame of NTR and Ram Charan with RRR movie. Along with RRR director Rajamouli, who is showing his power on the world stage, the fame of the two heroes will be taken to the flag level. RRR receives many rare honors. Won the prestigious Golden Globe Award. Oscar is in the ring. After getting a nomination in the original song category, the makers are confident that it will win the Oscar.

RRR heroes have recently reached another great milestone. NTR and Ram Charan nominated for Critics’ Choice Super Awards. Both of them will face Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise, Brad Fitt and Nicolas Cage. NTR and Charan got nominations in the Best Actor in Action Movies category. With this, they stood in front of the famous actors of Hollywood.

Also, the RRR movie got another nomination in the Best Action Movie category. In total, RRR received three nominations in the Critics’ Choice Super Awards. Winners will be announced on March 16. The award was announced by the Critics’ Choice Association in 2020. It is being given from 2021. The Oscar Awards will be announced on March 12.

It is reported that NTR will walk on the Oscar red carpet. And Ram Charan participated in the Good Morning America show. Ram Charan is recognized as the first Indian hero to participate in this show. NTR and Charan are achieving rare feats with just one film.


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