A woman was kidnapped and killed.. The body was cut into pieces and dumped in different places..

Jammu and Kashmir: A murder case like Shraddha Walker has recently come to light in Jammu and Kashmir. A 30-year-old woman was brutally murdered and her body was cut into pieces and dumped in different places. When the woman was not found, the family members lodged a complaint with the police and these matters came to light during the investigation. The police arrested the person who was involved in this atrocity. The accused Shabbir Ahmed was taken into custody and arrested. Being a carpenter by profession, he cut her body into several pieces.

The details given by the police regarding this incident are as follows. On March 7, the victim went to the coaching class as usual. But did not return by the time the day came. As she did not come home at night, the next day the family members filed a missing complaint at the Soibagh police station. Based on their complaint, the police registered a case and started an investigation.

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In this order, Shabbir Ahmed, Aziz and some other suspects were detained and interrogated in their own way. In this investigation, Shabbir confessed that he was the accused. He admitted to murdering the woman. ‘I took the woman to my house in Mohanpura. I killed her there. After that I cut off her head so that the matter would not come out. Police said that the accused confessed that he had also cut the body parts into pieces and dumped them in different places.

On the other hand, the body of a woman who went missing a week ago in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir was found. Her head and body parts were cut off and dumped in various places, causing local tension. Large-scale protests broke out. The accused, Shabir Ahmed (45), a carpenter, has been arrested, police said. Based on what he said, the police said body parts were recovered from several places.

Police revealed that Ahmed kidnapped a 30-year-old woman he knew, then killed her, cut her body and dumped it in several places. The gruesome killing sparked protests, with hundreds protesting outside Ahmed’s home. They demanded his execution. A large number of women participated in the protest. They said that the accused should be handed over to them and he should suffer the same fate as the woman.

Protesters called it a “rare” case and demanded a harsher punishment to prevent anyone else from doing the same. Police sources said that the woman was recently engaged and Ahmed objected to it. She went missing on March 7, following which her family lodged a complaint with the police.


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