A young woman bit the lip of a man who was going to rape her without going to the girls again.

A young man with his eyes closed in lust behaved inappropriately. Even though he tried to rape her, the woman strongly resisted the young man. In this sequence she bit the young man’s lip hard with her teeth. She bit so hard that his lip fell under the blow.

Uttar Pradesh girl bites off mans lips as he tries to kiss her forcefully

First Published Feb 6, 2023, 3:07 AM IST

A young woman gave appropriate advice to a lustful man who had closed his eyes with lust. Sayashakti tried her best to escape from the clutches of Kamandhu. But.. rather than running away.. she thought it was better to turn around. The young lady took courage and became Apara Kali. She saved herself. A young man who came to rape her is not going to see another girl.. Buddi said.

When the young man tried to forcefully kiss her, she strongly resisted him. In this sequence she bit the young man’s lip hard with her teeth. It bit so much that the lover’s lip fell down due to the blow. The lustful man started crying in pain. On the other hand, the young woman screamed and the surrounding people reached the spot. He caught the accused. The police were informed.

The police reached the spot and arrested the accused. The lip part of that kamandhu was sealed in a packet. The injured accused was shifted to the nearest CHC. He was treated there. The whole incident took place on Saturday afternoon in a village under Daraula police station. He molested and raped Mohit Saini of Lawad village. With this, the young woman registered an FIR.

The victim said that she was working in her farm on Saturday afternoon. Silence prevailed. There is no one around. Suddenly a young man came from behind and caught him. She panicked. I don’t know who caught it. When the woman tried to scream, the accused grabbed her throat and threatened to kill her. Soon the young man started dragging himself in the field. He started tearing his clothes. He started forcing

In this order, the victim said that she was trying her best to escape from the captive of that lust. And then the young man began to forcefully kiss. To protect herself, the young woman bit the young man’s lips with her teeth. The woman wanted the young man’s lip so much that she bit it in such a way that it broke off. As soon as the lips parted, the pain started.

Artha started chanting. Hearing that sound, the surrounding people reached the farm. The woman told everything that happened. People together caught the accused. The police were informed and called. The police reached the spot and inquired. Station in-charge Sanjay Kumar Sharma said that a case has been registered against accused Mohit Saini based on the woman’s complaint.

Actions are being taken against the youth. During interrogation, he said his name is Mohit Saini, a resident of Mohalla Saiyan, Lawad. For what purpose did he reach the village? All this is being investigated. The investigation is also being conducted from the perspective of whether he already knew the victim. Meanwhile, the local people who saw the woman who had courage in the time of danger and saved herself appreciated her. She is praised for telling the truth in the proper manner of a lustful man.

Last Updated Feb 6, 2023, 3:07 AM IST

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