Aadi Saikumar’s ‘CSI Sanatan’ Review..

In relation to movies, there is a trend in each time. But at any time thriller films are well received. Films with engaging screenplay and twists are now well received. Recently, the film “CSI Sanathan” starring Adi Saikumar as the hero has been made with such a plot. This is a film made by debutant director Sivashankar Dev. Bigg Boss sisters Nandini Roy and Vasanthi Krishnan and actors Ali Reza, Madhusudan Rao and Tarak Ponnappa played important roles in it. Let’s find out in the review how this film is released on Friday (March 10).


Sanathan (Adi Saikumar) wants to become a policeman. But due to unexpected reasons he is not able to write the exam. With this, he takes the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) course and becomes the best in the field. He solves important cases in training and gets a good reputation. He will be responsible for investigating the murder case of Vikram Chakraborty, CEO of VC Finance Company. Vikram Chakraborty lends money to the poor through his company. On the other hand, he puts a scheme of investing ten rupees a day in his company. It is very popular. Within a very short time, he gets a place in Forbes. A company that does good for such people is shocked when the CEO is unexpectedly killed. Sanathan, who came to investigate this case, mainly identifies five employees of the company as suspects. But the case is not clear, Vikram Chakraborty’s partner Divya (Nandini Roy) is considered to be the prime suspect in this investigation. While investigating her, it is revealed that this company is related to Minister Rajavarthan (Madhusudan Rao). And what is his relationship with Emperor Vikram? Who are the five suspects? Is Emperor Vikram good? Are you a cheater? What did the investigation show? Who killed him? What is Sanatan’s love story? That is the rest of the story.


Thriller movies mainly deal with murder mystery, serial murders and catching a serial killer. Almost the story revolves around these. But the manner in which it is conducted is important. The key is how engaging and twisty the screenplay is. The more brilliant the screenplay is, the more successful the film will be by impressing the audience. Now in the case of “CSI Sanathan” the director has reached this to some extent. Although the entire film revolves around Vikram Chakraborty’s murder, the attempt to show in detail the actual crime scene investigation, how to find the accused and find out the clues in the case of a murder is thrilling. It is well explained so that even a common man can understand it. Small twists are good. On the other hand, the climax is a big asset of the movie. The twist in it is the highlight. The same can be said for the movie.

However, the film seems to give priority to the hero’s image and elevations. On the other hand, similar to the confusion in the case, the scenes are also somewhat confusing. Detailing everything in the crime investigation process can be somewhat boring. Feels like too much spoon feeding. Today’s audience is too intelligent, they don’t need much banana peeling. That’s the troubling stuff. On the other hand, going to flashbacks during the investigation of the case and on the other hand showing his love story will divert some audience from the story. Along with this, there is no speed in the story, slow narration, how long the story moves here and there, the scenes that have been seen seem to be seen, and the scenes of what will happen next can also be said to be a minus of the movie. The director’s lack of experience is evident. The screenplay should be written more crisply. If the film was made more engaging, it would have gone to the next level. But it can be said that the first attempt was not good. But aside from the result, it can be said that this is a good insightful film regarding crime investigation.


Adi Saikumar did well in the role of Sanathan. He carried the film completely on his shoulders. It can be said that it is slightly better than the previous films. He is also impressive in terms of acting. He tried to be different with the previous films. Taking a break from regular movies, he tried something new. He came with a hit genre and tried to impress himself. He excelled in action scenes as well. He tried in the range of star heroes and was impressed. And Nandini Roy in the role of Divya gave a glamor treat. The twist in her character is good. On the other hand, Madhusudan Rao as Rajavarthan and Taraka Ponnappa as Vikram Chakravarthy were pleasing. Apart from them, Misha Narang, Ali Reza, Vasanti, Shiva, Qayyum and other characters are not good. Pleasing as it is. But media friends Kumar, Suresh, Nageswara Rao and Baburao shine in this.


Director Shiva Shankar Dev’s first attempt as a director is good. But it would have been better if he had shown his impact. Focus on logic and tell the story in an engaging way. He could not succeed in that matter. If not, the way the film was made informatically is good. Anish Solomon’s music is good. As a thriller should be. The camerawork is not impressive. Most of the scenes are cut-cut. Clarity is missing. And the editor still needs to trim. Produced by Ajay Srinivas under the banner of Chaganti Productions, the production values ​​are as good as they come.


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