Abhi is trapping Chitra, who insulted Yash badly!


First Published Mar 15, 2023, 12:18 PM IST

At the beginning of the episode, Vinni sits looking at Veda’s photo. Veda laughs at Yash’s beating. She goes near the photo and says can you hear my heartbeat, you are my heartbeat, you are my breath. Your birth means nothing to me. A best friend is a best lover who thinks the world is the best lover.

You should belong to me. I have tried many times to make him bad in your eyes but I will not give up even if I can’t. I will try my best. I will break the relationship between you two. You are my own Vedu. He thinks it’s my challenge to make you mine.

In the meantime, he heard the bullies who came there and beat him. What did I say, what did you do, did you not even kidnap a girl? On the other hand, he is waiting for his wife, even though she has not come this night, he still can’t get angry with me.

However, I don’t have much time lately. Being the best husband is not as easy as being the best CEO. Yash thinks that one can win the whole world but it is very difficult to win his wife’s heart. How does he think that he should apologize and cool down anyway. He cleans the bed thinking it will be cool if he impresses her. It is cool to see a neat bed.

Yash thinks that then you can say sorry and the problem will be solved. Then comes the Veda. She takes a pillow and sleeps on the sofa, thinking that she will be impressed as long as the bed is neat. He sits looking at her wondering why there is a discussion now that he is not sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile, Veda puts her phone on silent as she will be disturbed by the phone call.

He is happy to touch the kangaroo she showed on him. When he wakes up in the morning, Veda is not yet up. Yash thinks that instead of sleeping on this sofa and sleeping on this couch, he thinks that he can sleep on the bed, but it is my fault too, I upset him unnecessarily, he thinks that I should say sorry first as soon as he wakes up.

In the meantime I will prepare Khushi, she will relax a bit. Then Khushi goes to the room and wakes her up, thinking that if she says sorry, it will be completely cool. If she tries to get up, he will wake her up by whispering. When mommy asks what is it, Yash says that she is tired and sleeps. When she wakes up, it will be ready and let’s give her a surprise. Khushi says ok and gets ready fast.

At the same time, Veda got up and thinks that I am up late. Just then Khushi comes and says good morning. It says that you are ready, who made you ready, that is, Daddy made you ready. Khushi says it’s time for school and Grandfather will drop me. Khushi leaves. Yash tries to talk to Veda but Veda doesn’t give him that chance.

Yash goes towards the kitchen thinking that if he gives me a good coffee he will cool down a bit. On the other hand, Chitra goes to Abhi’s room thinking that she needs to sign on the file. Abhi is already selecting gold chains. He is going to put a chain around her neck saying that you have come at the right time. Chitra steps back thinking excuse me.

Abhi says I am taking this for Malavika and that is why I am trying it on you. Marwadi says madam, wear the latest necklace in the city, you will know the size. Chitra wears herself saying that you don’t have to wear anything, I will wear it myself. Abhi says the suit is perfect, the necklace is beautiful because you are wearing it.

Chitra immediately takes out the necklace and says did you buy it for Malvika and puts it on her neck and gets happy. Sign this file and send it, she angrily leaves. On the other hand, Veda thinks that if Kushi is ready, it will be cool, but there is no chance. Veda laughs that after they have prepared the baby for me, they will also do the housework later.

Thinking like that, if you look at your phone, you will see 20 missed calls. She calls that number wondering why she did it so many times. The patient’s mother screams, “How can our baby’s 101 fever be so irresponsible?” Veda worriedly asks Andi how is the baby now. Who needs your body sorry.

She hangs up the phone saying that even if I die tomorrow, I have never seen such an irresponsible doctor. She notices that the phone is on silent and walks out angrily. She asks loudly who put my phone on silent. Yash says Nene. Let’s see what happens next in tomorrow’s episode.

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