Accident due to fog.. A car collided with a car.. Two killed, one injured..

NTR District: Smog is causing many road accidents in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. A road accident took place near Kondaparva Addar Road in Vissannapet mandal of NTR district in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday. Two died on the spot and another was seriously injured in the accident. The accident happened early Sunday morning. Due to the fog, the oncoming lorry could not see the car and collided with it. In this accident, the driver of the car, Kota Lal Gupta (54) and Sanka Sunita (48) were seriously injured and died on the spot.

Rambabu, another person traveling in the car, was seriously injured. He was shifted to Vijayawada hospital and is being treated. Meanwhile, Sunita and Rambabu are husband and wife. They live in Visannapet. They went to Vijayawada by car on Saturday to see their daughter who came from Australia. After seeing his daughter, he returned to Wissannapet early Sunday morning. When the car in which they were traveling came near the intersection, the lorry hit it. It seems that this accident happened due to severe smoke and snow.


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