Actress who is not going to be a mother, her baby bump photos and videos are going viral

In the film industry, the stars are getting married successively.. they are having children soon. Television stars and silver screen celebrities are buzzing on social media with their baby bump photos. Recently, another actress’ baby bump video is going viral.

Drushyam movie Fam Ishita Dutta to become mother soon

First Published Mar 19, 2023, 1:14 PM IST

Successive weddings are taking place in the film industry.. celebrities are also having children soon.. super fast. Stars are buzzing on social media with baby bump photos. Photos of Ishita Dutta, who became popular with the Hindi movie Dhishya, are doing the rounds on the net.

Ishita Dutta entered the Telugu film industry with the movie Chanakyadu in 2012. But not many films were made here. She became well known by playing the daughter of Ajay Devgn in the Bollywood film Dhishya.. The remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Dhishya was dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as well as other languages.. Ishita impressed with her performance in Hindi. .

And the latest news about Ishita is going viral on social media. It is also doing the rounds in the Bollywood media. It seems that Ishita is going to become a mother soon. Although this matter has not been announced officially..Ishita’s baby bump video along with photos are also going viral on social media. Meanwhile, Ishita caught the eye of the cameras at the Mumbai airport.. She was with a baby bump at that time. It was revealed that she was pregnant. In 2017, Ishita married Vatsal Seth.

Neither she nor her husband Vatsal announced that Ishita was pregnant. They have not posted about this matter on their social media accounts either. Atufans also came to know through this viral video. Fans who have seen this video.. Wish Ishita Dutta all the best.. Let’s see how she reacts in this matter.

Last Updated Mar 19, 2023, 1:14 PM IST

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