After Oscar came, I tried to talk to Rajamouli, but he was busy…Danayya, the producer who opened up for the first time

While the news was coming that Rajamouli was married to RRR film producer DVV Danayya… he came forward to the media for the first time. He expressed his reaction on winning the Oscar.

finally rrr movie producer dvv danayya opens up on winning Oscar

First Published Mar 15, 2023, 2:34 PM IST

RRR movie won Oscar. Along with Rajamouli, the name of NTR, Ram Charan and Keeravani will be heard worldwide. But producer DVV Danayya fell into obscurity. Rajamouli has been busy promoting RRR’s film in America for the past few months. Along with the Golden Globe, the RRR film won many international awards. Rajamouli and team participated in several interviews. The producer Danayya is not mentioned anywhere. He did not want to be named. Even in Oscar award winning, Danayya did not get credit.

During this process Danayya had differences with Rajamouli. Something bad happened to both of them. So the claims that Rajamouli neglected Danayya came to the fore. Even though there is so much discussion about RRR, Danayya media has not come forward. At least he didn’t comment on social media. This reinforced the news of the controversy.

Finally, Danayya spoke to the media. He indirectly clarified that there is no quarrel with Rajamouli. It is a great thing for a Telugu film to win an Oscar. Karta Karma Kriya Rajamoulin is responsible for this. Oscar credit goes to him. After winning the Oscar, I tried to talk to them. But they are busy in the event. That is not possible.

We had 17 days of rehearsals for the Natu Natu song. We shot for thirty days. The hard work for that song was rewarded in the form of an Oscar. We have faced many difficulties due to Corona. RRR budget has increased more than expected. I have been traveling with Rajamouli since 2006. I was given an advance to do a movie. Ramanna said to do it politely. No, let’s make a big movie. But wait until Baahubali projects are completed. He was given the opportunity to work with two top stars. Danayya said, “I didn’t think that I would build big projects like RRR”.

Last Updated Mar 15, 2023, 2:56 PM IST

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