Agriculture destroyed under KCR rule: Congress charge sheet on BRS rule

Hyderabad: The Congress party on Sunday released a charge sheet against the BRS regime. Congress party leader Maheshwar Reddy released the third charge sheet. Maheshwar Reddy released the charge sheet on agriculture sector. Maheshwar Reddy spoke to the media after releasing the charge sheet.

He criticized that agriculture is not a festival but it has become a riot under KCR’s rule.
There are no subsidies of any kind to the farmers.

Maheshwar Reddy criticized that they are just lying to the farmer’s relative.. Farmers are facing problems because of no loan waiver and no new loans. He said that the condition of the farmers has become worse. A thousand farmers committed suicide last year.
He said that Telangana is fourth in the country in farmer suicides. He questioned why farmer suicides are happening in the government which is working for the welfare of farmers.

Minister Niranjan Reddy, who mocked farmers’ suicides, is not qualified to continue as the Minister of Agriculture. Rythu Bandhu said that only the landlords benefited. Maheshwar Reddy asked what about tenant farmers.

He said that they are trying to create an illusion that land claims and land expansion are not one and the same. 70 percent of those committing suicide are tenant farmers. He asked what measures the government had taken for the tenant farmers. Maheshwar Reddy asked what happened today.

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He said that 15 lakh acres of crops are being lost every year due to fake seeds. Maheshwar Reddy demanded strict punishment for those who made fake seeds. They said that if they plant rice, they will be hanged and the farmers have been dissuaded from cultivation. He asked why the support price was not increased in line with the increased costs. KCR said that the sin of not being a crop insurance state. He said that agriculture was destroyed during KCR’s rule. He criticized that the peasantry was completely debilitated.


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