Ahead of PM Modi’s visit.. 1000 kg of explosives seized.. One person arrested

Before Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Rajasthan, 1,000 kg of explosives were seized in Dausa. A person has been arrested in this case. It is reported that these explosives were used in illegal mining. However, the police are investigating whether this has anything to do with the Prime Minister’s visit.

One arrested with 1,000 kg of explosives in Rajasthan's Dausa, probe on

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 12:35 AM IST

1,000 kg of explosives seized in Dausa, Rajasthan. One person has been arrested in this case. 65 detonators and 13 wires were seized from the accused. According to police sources, preliminary investigation revealed that the explosive was used for illegal mining. Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Dausa on the 12th to inaugurate the first phase of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. The district administration and police have been alerted in view of the Prime Minister’s visit. A large-scale search was conducted in this order.. On Thursday, a large amount of explosives were found.

Any link to Prime Minister’s visit?

Among the seized items were 65 detonators, 360 explosive shells, 13 connecting wires. The arrested accused has been identified as Rajesh Meena. The police are also investigating whether this has anything to do with the Prime Minister’s visit. According to the police, it has been found that this explosive is used in illegal mining. Also, they are trying to get information about where this explosive material came from and where it needs to be supplied. Sadar Police Station Officer Sanjay Punia said that more than 1000 kg of explosives were seized. He said that the truth will come out only after a complete investigation into the matter.

Prime Minister Modi will come to Dausa on February 12

Prime Minister Modi will visit Dausa, Rajasthan on February 12 to inaugurate the expressway. This is the first expressway designed with around 12 lanes. Vehicles run at a speed of 120 km per hour on this. The important thing is.. Now it takes just 2 hours to reach Jaipur and Dausa from Delhi. Officials of the National Highway Authority of India say that once the Delhi-Mumbai corridor is completed, it will be possible to reach Mumbai from Delhi in just 12 hours.

Culvert blasting in Udaipur last year

It is noteworthy that in November last year, a railway track explosion took place in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district. Here, 252 kg of explosives were found in the Somme river within two days. This incident created a sensation across the state. Once again the police were surprised when 1000 kg of explosives were found.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 12:35 AM IST

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