Ahmedabad pitch is suitable for batting.. but even Kohli, Rohit, Pujara in this match..!


First Published Mar 10, 2023, 5:45 PM IST

As part of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, the Aussie batsmen celebrated on a pitch that was suitable for batting for the first time in the fourth Test being held at the Ahmedabad venue. The Kangaroo batsmen, who did not face a century in this series, poured a flood of runs this time. Opener Usman Khawaja (180) came close to a double century. Cameron Greene (114) exploded with a century. The Indian batsmen struggled to get out spinner Todd Murphy (41) and Nathan Lyon (34), who finally came as the 8th wicket. And will the Indian batters excel on the Ahmedabad pitch where the Aussie batters have remained greasy..?

Australia, who have not scored 300 in the series so far, have now scored 480 runs, which has put a heavy burden on the Indian batting line-up. Especially Indian batting giants Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Chhateshwar Pujara should excel in this match.

Except Rohit in the series..

Among these three, Rohit Sharma is the only one who did better with a century in the first Test. Kohli and Pujara are failing miserably. While Rohit scored a century (120) in the Nagpur Test, Pujara scored 7 runs and Kohli failed by scoring 12 runs. In the Delhi Test, Rohit scored 32 runs in the first innings and Pujara was ducked out. Kohli scored 44 runs. In the second innings, Hitman scored 31 runs, Kohli scored 20 runs and Pujara scored 31 runs. In the indoor test, Rohit scored 24 runs, Pujara 60 and Kohli 35 runs in two innings.

Even in Ahmedabad..

If world number one bowler Ashwin and number one all rounder Ravindra Jadeja have tried to cut the tail (lower order batters) among the kangaroo batters, it can be understood how much the pitch contributes to the batting. India’s batsmen, who are usually irritated by such pitches, score huge scores in this match, India will be in a better position in the fourth Test. So if they play like they failed in the first three Tests, that’s all.

In fact, it has been more than three years since Kohli scored a century in Tests. Kohli, who has come on track in limited overs cricket, has yet to find that rhythm in Tests. Has Pujara, who recently completed 100 Tests, forgotten his previous game? Or not playing with age..? I don’t know, but he should play like he did in Ranchi in 2017 (scored a double century) and make the kangaroos nervous. As a captain, it is essential to play an inspiring innings for the Hitman team.

Favoring pitch batting is a positive thing, but if Audi has dropped wickets in the previous matches, criticism will be heaped on these three. In the first two Tests, the merit of the spinners won, so no one went for individual performances. But if they fail even on a pitch suitable for batting, the netizens will play Rohit, Kohli and Pujara worse than KL Rahul on social media.

They too..

Along with this batting trio, India also has high hopes on young opener Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer. This is also the last chance for Andhra boy KS Bharat, who is playing as if he doesn’t know why he is playing even though he got a lucky chance in the team due to Pant’s injury. Along with them, if Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel and Ashwin also play the role of attackers, it will not be difficult to get the upper hand over the Aussies in Ahmedabad. But let’s see how our world class batters will play..!

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