Alas.. the death of the newborn baby due to breast milk stuck in his throat.. What the mother did because she couldn’t bear it…

A 29-day-old baby died after choking on breast milk. With this incident, the mother was deeply offended and turned to another atrocity.

Newborn chokes on breast milk and dies, mother and son commit suicide in Kerala - bsb

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 9:03 AM IST

Kerala: A heart-wrenching tragic incident took place in Kerala. A days-old newborn died after breast milk got stuck in his throat. The 29-day-old baby died of suffocation due to a blockage in his throat while he was drinking milk. The mother could not bear this. In that agony, she jumped into the well along with her other son. She committed suicide. This incident filled the Idukki district of Kerala with great sadness. Going into the details of this..

A 38-year-old woman named Liza Tom lives in the salt flats of Kerala’s Idukki district. She gave birth to a beautiful baby a few days ago. Earlier she had another son. She nursed the baby like every other day. While breastfeeding, the breast milk accidentally got stuck in the child’s throat.. She could not swallow.. and could not get it out.. The child choked to death.

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Liza couldn’t bear to see her stomach gasp before her eyes. Unable to bear that mentality, she committed suicide by jumping into a 40-feet deep well in the premises of her house along with her seven-year-old son Ben Tom (7). When the locals noticed this and informed the police, the mother and son died when they arrived. The police have registered a case and are investigating.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 9:03 AM IST

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