Amalapal dances as the floor shakes saying ‘I’m looking at you’

Impressive with her stunning beauty, Amalapal is currently pursuing a varied career. Emphasis is placed on strong stories rather than glamor roles. Amalapal craze has increased more than ever. The reason is that she chooses different stories. She is surprising everyone by acting boldly.

She does not hesitate to act nude if she likes the role. Amala Pal appeared nude in some scenes in Aadai. The film was released in Telugu with the title ‘Aame’. While some appreciated her acting nude in this movie, others criticized it.

Amalapal’s fuss on social media is not all. She is active on social media and is exciting with her photos that attract boys. Trendy dresses are going to be hot.

Recently, Amalapal danced like Poonakam in an eye-catching dress. Amalapal’s dance routine in short clothes is going viral. Amalapal gave a full kick with her dance to make the floor shake. Netizens are surprised if Amalapal is dancing in this range. She danced non-stop for the entire Amala Pal song.

As she swayed as if surrounded by some force, her snorts became visible to the boys. Amalapal is so boldly approaching the camera and is burning with insults. She danced to no ordinary song. To the song ‘Nanne Nanne Nadho’ from the movie ‘Gharshana’ which once rocked the youth. Amalapal danced to the Tamil song of the film.







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Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, the film stars Venkatesh in Telugu and Suriya in Tamil. In terms of music, the film is an all-time favorite of the youth.

Meanwhile, Amalapal is bold in real life as well. No matter what kind of thing it is, it is blunt. It is known that she faced ups and downs in her personal life. In 2014, Amalapal got married to director AL Vijay and the two separated due to differences. After that Amalapal got busy with her films.


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