Amazon has entered the health sector… Rs. Amazon took over One Health for 29 thousand crores

Amazon has started a new innings in medical care. One Medical took over the company through a Rs.29,000 crore deal. Thus, Amazon is all set to enter the medical field.

Amazon will play a new inning in medical care, takeover of One Medical, Rs 29,000 crore deal finalized MKA

First Published Feb 23, 2023, 5:20 PM IST

Amazon has acquired One Medical, a leading healthcare company. Amazon has acquired primary care provider company One Medical. Although the company announced this takeover in July last year. The deal was finalized for $3.5 billion. The value of this deal is 3.5 billion dollars which is about 29,000 crore rupees.

Such a tie-up reflects Amazon’s visionary goal of providing medical facilities to customers. Not only this, the company has also run other virtual pharmacy programs in the healthcare sector in the past.

The new deal will help the company
Amazon Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy said in a statement that the deal will help the company deliver personalized care to improve patient care.

Amazon offers discounts to customers
Amazon has offered customers a discount on One Medical memberships from $144 to $199 after the new deal. It has announced that this discount will be offered to new customers who take One Medical membership in the first year. However, customers are not required to be subscribers to the Amazon Prime loyalty program.

This facility is available to every new customer. In membership, the company will tell customers how to use One Medical, a virtual care service, and insurance navigation.

Amazon to lay off employees at One Medical
Additionally, Amazon has made it clear that One Medical employees will be laid off after the deal closes. Amir Dan Rubin will continue as the company’s chief executive officer, reporting to Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services.

Last Updated Feb 23, 2023, 5:20 PM IST

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