An 11-year-old boy died after twisting his ankle on a treadmill and contracting a flesh-eating bacterial infection.


First Published Feb 17, 2023, 12:25 PM IST

America: An 11-year-old boy accidentally slipped while doing a treadmill in Florida, United States. This twisted his ankle. That led to a flesh-eating bacterial infection. Due to this, there was a great tragedy when he died. If we go into the details regarding this..

The dead boy’s name is Jesse Brown. The boy’s family told Fox News that Jesse was in fifth grade. He was very healthy. Jesse used to ride motocross. He was always on such rides before he twisted his ankle on the treadmill. He probably got the infection a few weeks ago. It is said that this led to his death.

A few weeks ago, Jesse Brown suffered an ankle injury while using the treadmill. A few days later, the family members noticed that Jessie’s leg was covered with purple and red spots. The spots look like bruises. Doctors who examined him informed Brown that he had a group A strep infection that developed into a flesh-eating bacteria. Brown was admitted to the intensive care unit.

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“They said that because he twisted his ankle, it was possible that the infection had set in because that area was weakened by the injury,” said Jesse Brown’s cousin, Megan Brown. According to Orlando-based pediatrician Dr. Candice Jones, cases of invasive strep-A in children have increased recently in the United States.

“There’s speculation that some of those cases started after respiratory infections, and we’re seeing an increase in those types of infections after infections. So there’s a number of ways that these bacteria can lead to mild to severe conditions that can turn into infection and even death,” explained Dr. Jones.

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Group-A strep is the bacteria that causes sore throats. Dr. Jones told Fox News that most cases are not that serious, but in rare cases, it can cause a secondary infection, such as flesh-eating disease. She said that symptoms like swelling, redness, foul smell and fever are seen.

Bacteria known as Group A Streptococcus (Group A Strep) cause many types of infections. According to the CDC, these infections can range from minor illnesses to very serious, life-threatening illnesses.

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