An incident similar to Naveen’s murder in Nizamabad.. The murder of a friend because he loved his girlfriend…!!

Another terrible incident has come to light in Telangana. A man who brutally murdered his girlfriend because his friend loved him. This incident which took place five months ago came to light late.

man assassinated friend over he loves his lover in nizamabad - bsb

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 6:56 AM IST

Nizamabad: An incident similar to Naveen’s murder, which created a commotion across the state, has come to light in Nizamabad district. A young man killed his friend because he was jealous of the girl he loved. This incident came to light in Nandipet mandal of Nizamabad district. But this happened before Harihar Krishna’s killing of Naveen, which came to light in Hyderabad and created a sensation, but it came to light late. This terrible incident happened five months ago. Nandipet SS Srikanth gave the details of this incident as follows…

Venkateswara Colony is located under Andhranagar Panchayat in Nandipet Mandal of Nizamabad District. Yanads (nomadic families) live in this colony. Karthik (22), the son of a woman named Chinna Venkataramana, and a young man named Bapatla Raju (22) who live in this colony are two friends. However, Bapatla Raju’s family knew a young lady from Prakasam district. She used to visit their house often. It was in this sequence that Raju and Karthik fell in love with the young woman. The king wanted to marry the young woman.

Naveen’s murder case: Three times of investigation, finally counselling.

Knowing that Karthik is also in love with her…he holds a grudge against Karthik that his friend also loves the girl he loves and wants to marry. In this background, he wanted to kill Karthik somehow. Along with his younger brother Bojja Harish, he planned the murder of Karthik. On September 20, 2022, Karthik was taken to Ellammagudi in the suburbs of Nandipet and drunk there. After that, Bojja Harish and Raju took Karthik to the nearby Vijayanagaram Gutta.

There they attacked Karthik on the head with sticks. Due to the indiscriminate attack, Karthik died on the spot. After that they confirmed that he was dead and left the dead body among the rocks in Vijayanagara Gutta area. After this incident, the king married the girl. On the other hand, since Karthik was not seen, the mother Chinna Venkataramana thought that he must have gone to Andhra Pradesh to find a livelihood. As her husband died earlier, the elder son lives with the younger son.

Even though she thought that the younger son had gone to Andhra Pradesh for survival, she used to search the neighbors with her elder son for his whereabouts. Being nomads, they thought it was normal to go like that. However, going without telling.. and later asking people who know because they are not in contact. Meanwhile, with Naveen’s murder case coming to light recently, some youths told the mother, China Venkataramana, that an incident similar to the one in Abdullahpurmet had also happened in their village.

He said that her son Karthik was killed and dumped in the ditches of Vijayanagar. They immediately contacted the police and when the police searched the Gutta area of ​​Vizianagaram they found a property cage. Nizamabad District Hospital Four and Seek Department Professor Nagamohan Rao conducted a postmortem at the scene of the incident. The skeleton was identified as that of Karthik. When the matter came to light, the accused ran away. Police said they are looking for them and will catch them soon.

Last Updated Mar 2, 2023, 6:57 AM IST

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