An invitation to poems on the theme ‘Library’

Hyderabad: Along with education comes culture. Not only to recognize the need for education, but also to work for the development of libraries that are conducive to studying. Another library campaign is needed today. Libraries are being set up in many villages under the auspices of the lead library. Similarly, it is necessary to try to develop village-to-village knowledge repositories. No matter how many technological resources are available, the habit of holding a book and reading should be encouraged among the students and youth these days. They should be directed to libraries. To support the revival of existing libraries. Even small libraries should be established in many areas. In a word, it is time to start a campaign for the library as it was a hundred years ago.

About a hundred years ago, the struggle for libraries was raging in all areas of Telugu language. People like Vattikota Alvaraswami and Kodati Narayana Rao were active. Urura worked hard for the establishment of libraries. Literacy has increased compared to those times. But libraries are becoming dull. Students and libraries have become irrelevant. It is said that you can read books on mobile too. But how many people use that facility? However, the joy of holding a book and reading it is different. So the habit of reading books should be developed. This work should be undertaken as a movement. Therefore, in response to this matter, it was decided to publish a collection of poetry together with Palapitta Books – Lead Library under the theme of library as ‘Gnandeepam-Library’. For this, Kasula Ravikumar is asking the poets to send poems keeping in mind the modernity of the material sculptures.

Last date for submission of poems is March 30, 2023.

You can send your poems to or
Can be sent by post. Address:
Palapitta Books,
Flat No. 2, MIG-2, Block-6,
APHB, Baglingampally
Phone 9490099327, 7981068048


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