An Iranian boat ran aground in the coast of Gujarat. Drugs worth 425 crores were seized

In Indian waters in the Arabian Sea off Gujarat Rs. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on Monday intercepted an Iranian boat with a five-man crew carrying 61 kg of narcotics worth Rs 425 crore.

Drugs Worth 425 Crore Seized From Iranian Boat Off Gujarat Coast

First Published Mar 7, 2023, 6:41 AM IST

An Iranian boat created a commotion off the coast of Gujarat state. A Pakistani boat was spotted in Indian coastal waters and taken into custody by the Indian Coast Guard. When the boat was searched..Rs. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on Monday detained five crew members along with 61 kg of drugs worth Rs 425 crore. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) conducted the operation based on intelligence input.

Based on intelligence input by ATS Gujarat, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has estimated Rs. The Press Information Bureau (Defence Wing) said that an Iranian boat carrying 61 kg of heroin worth Rs 425 crore has been intercepted in Indian waters with a crew of five. The boat along with the crew has been taken into custody and brought to Okha for further investigation. According to a defense wing statement, the Indian Coast Guard on Monday deployed two of its fast patrol class ships ICGS Mira Ben and ICGS Abheek for patrolling in the Arabian Sea.

A boat was seen moving suspiciously in Indian waters about 340 km (190 miles) off the coast of Okha during the night, the statement said. The boat attempted to escape after being challenged by Indian patrol vessels. After that the boat was chased and caught. The boat was identified as Iranian with five crew members of Iranian nationality.

The ICG boarding team found that the staff were behaving suspiciously during the investigation. After an extensive search of the boat, around 61 kg of drugs worth ₹ 425 crore were recovered. So far, the Indian Coast Guard in coordination with the ATS has apprehended eight foreign vessels. In these operations, 407 kilograms of narcotics worth ₹ 2,355 crore were seized.

Last Updated Mar 7, 2023, 6:41 AM IST

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