Anchor Lasya who gave birth to a son once again.. Announcement as a Holi special..

Bigg Boss fame, anchor Lasya has become a mother once again. She gave birth to a fruitful child. Once again a son was born to her. Lasya revealed that they had a son on Tuesday. This was revealed through Instagram. We have met a new love in our lives,’ said Lasya. It was revealed that they had a son on March 7.

But Lasya shared a short video announcing this. In this, her husband Manjunath opened his hands and said `It’s A’, Lasya opened her hands and said `Baby’, her son opened his hands and said `Boy’, and finally she showed the child’s hand. This matter was revealed with different colors. It is special to announce the birth of their son as a Holi special.

Lasya and Manjunath fell in love and got married. They got married secretly as their parents did not approve of their marriage. He has been away from his parents for a long time. A few years later, he convinced his parents and got married again. A son was born to them. It is known that Lasya participated in the show “Bigg Boss” last season. She entertained with her own game. Lasya announced her second pregnancy in September last year. Now Pandanti gave birth to a son. It appears that the child and the mother are healthy.


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