Anchor Rashmi reacted to the incident of stray dog ​​attack on the boy.. What is it..?

Anchor Rashmi reacts to the dog attack incident on the boy. Jabarthast beauty explained her version while wondering how Rashmi, who is an animal lover, would react in this matter.

Anchor Rashmi Reacts To Stray Dogs Incident In Amberpet

First Published Feb 22, 2023, 8:52 AM IST

Recently, the death of a child in a dog attack in Hyderabad has shocked everyone. Everyone is reacting to this incident which has created a sensation in the Telugu states, regardless of whether they are small or big.. from common people to celebrities. Star anchor Rashmi, who is an animal lover, also responded on social media about this incident which shocked everyone.

As the anchor of Jabardast, Rashmi Gautam has gained a good following in two Telugu states. Her rant on social media is not normal. Along with her hot beauty, Rashmi also participates in social awareness programs. Especially Rashmi is an animal lover. Saying that you should have pity for dumb animals.. With love for street animals.

Rashmi showed her good heart especially in the lockdown. During the corona period, it felt good to provide food to stray dogs. Beauty will respond on social media if any dumb creatures are attacked like this. In this order, anchor Rashmi reacted to the attack of stray dogs in Amber Peta. She expressed an inquiry into the incident on her social media platform.

Rashmi responded to this incident on Twitter. The boy was not at fault in this incident. This is a very painful thing. However, measures need to be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again. Rashmi suggested that we should ensure that the production of stray dogs does not happen. Rashmi says we should provide a separate place for them.

And this incident is confusing everyone. Everything is moving everyone. People are demanding the government to ensure that such incidents do not happen again. And the government has also taken this matter seriously. The government has already announced that action is being taken on this.

Last Updated Feb 22, 2023, 8:52 AM IST

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