Another angle revealed in Vinni.. Yash couple ready for divorce!


First Published Mar 14, 2023, 1:06 PM IST

Vasanth reprimands Yash saying he did wrong. Yash says you are also saying me. Vasant says that when you give a gift with love, it is wrong to reject it instead of taking it, you see everything in a magnifying glass, that is the problem with you. Yash says what happened is done now think what to do.

Vasanth says what is there to think about this and call Vadina and say sorry. Yash says will you accept? Vasant is forced to call by Yash saying that he will know only if you call him. At the same time, Veda is also upset that she is not understood. She thinks she can cool down and call me and say sorry later.

Meanwhile, Yash calls. Just thinking like that, he called like this, can you say sorry? Even if I call, I should pick up the phone, but if I say sorry, I should accept, but the phone won’t pick up. Yash does it again and again but no lift. Yash says look, he is not doing the lift, he is not doing the lift he wants. Vasanth says that she is busy in the clinic, but you are the one who did the wrong thing.

Yash says I won’t mind if he takes her back, if you want, try with your phone. Vasant says ok and calls with his phone. Veda does not even pick up his phone. Yash says that he does not want to lift, he has more attitude, so I am putting up with him. He calls Veda and tells Yash that there was an accident.

Veda is suddenly shocked. There was an accident near Gandhi Park and Vasanth hangs up the phone saying I am leaving, you should also leave. Yash is also worried and asks what is the purpose of this accident. But if you don’t put tension, Vadinini won’t accept sorry. Now you go and urgently wait near Gandhi Park.

Vasant sends Yash to deal with Vadina carefully. Veda is worried and goes away thinking that he must have called me for a lift. As no one is found there, she searches here and there. She asks a man if there is any accident here. He said what did not happen here.

Vasant says that he is here, but there is nothing here. Veda calls Vasant saying that Vasant will also come, but he has not come yet. Vasant says that Vadina is calling me, thinking that Yash has not gone yet, but Veda calls Yash without picking up the phone, Vadina is calling me and says you should go quickly. Yash says I am on my way.

On the other hand, Veda asks everyone there that there has been an accident. Just then, a gang came there and saw Vedi and thought that it was this woman. Veda goes to them and asks if there is any accident here. We saw, they are people you know, come and we will take them. They forcefully put her in the car and take her away.

Veda calls Yash who just came there. But Yash doesn’t listen. Veda jumps out of the car and stands in front of Yash. When the bullies come and try to pick her up, Yash fights with them. Nothing happened to you as they ran away, but when Vasant called and told you that you had an accident, you were very scared. But how did the accident happen, asks Veda, do you drive very carefully?

Yash says no accident happened. Veda says that Vasant says that. He lied, you didn’t pick up my phone to bring you here, says Veda. Veda bursts into tears saying, “Do you know how much tension and how much fear I have felt, will anyone tell a lie in such matters?”

To talk to you, to talk to you, stop while Vasantha is still saying stop, you are doing wrong and blaming it on other people. Meanwhile Vasantha comes there and asks if the plan has worked out. Everything is upset because of you.

Yash says that you gave me a stupid idea. Vasant says I am sorry for complicating a small matter and hurting you and Vadinni. You don’t need to say sorry to me, I have to thank you, she beat me to death. Today I saw Amma’s mind in Veda.

Today I realized that behind every wife’s complaint there is love, I am very lucky. Yash says give two or three more such bad advices, I want to get two or three more slaps. I suddenly became serious and did not understand one thing.

When Vedani comes to Gandhi Park saying that you had an accident, he gets suspicious saying that there are people there to kidnap Veda. Vasant says that only we both know that Gandhi will come to park at that time but how did they know. A third man knows this besides us.

Yash says who is the third man who needs to kidnap Vedani. Just then Vinni laughs looking at Veda’s photo. In the next part, Yash comes to Veda and says sorry. Veda says I am tired of your attitude. Veda says that Yash means leave me alone.

Veda says that it doesn’t take a minute to bow down, Yash means it doesn’t take six minutes for me to make a heart stone. Yash means you have no right to be my wife, Veda says you have no right to be my husband. But both of them want to separate.

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