Another tragedy..Inter student commits suicide for not doing well in the exam!

The incidents of violent deaths by students are increasing. Recently an inter student committed suicide in Bellampally town of Manchyryala district. It is reported that he committed suicide because he did not write the exam properly.

Inter student allegedly commits suicide in Bellampally

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 12:26 AM IST

The death cries of students are heard in colleges. Students are falling like quail under mental stress. Tears are left in the eyes of parents who have high hopes for their children. Before the Satvik suicide incident in Narsinghi, Hyderabad was forgotten the other day, the incident of suicide of an inter student in Bellampally town of Manchiryala district has created a stir. It is reported that he committed suicide because he did not write the exam properly.

Going into the details, Bellampally belongs to the Cal Tex area of ​​the town. Capelli Sivakrishna (18) is a second year student at Pragathi Junior College. In this order, Sivakrishna reached the examination center along with his parents on Thursday. After dropping Sivakrishna at the examination centre, the parents went to Mancharya.

Later, Sivakrishna’s mother Sharada, who had written the Sanskrit exam, called her and told her that she had a stomach ache during the exam. That’s why he was sad that he couldn’t write the exam well. So the mother consoled her son and told Saddi not to worry. However, hearing his words, the mother was worried. When he got suspicious, he asked his son’s friends to keep an eye on him. But all of them closed their eyes..Shivakrishna appeared hanging. As a result, they complained to the police and the police registered a case and are investigating. The body was shifted to the government hospital for post mortem.

On the other hand, an intermediate first year student died suspiciously in Hanmakonda. Nagajyoti from Edunutula village in Kodakandla mandal of Janagama district is studying intermediate first year in Hanmakonda. Nagajyoti, who wrote the exam on Wednesday, called her parents in the evening. She said that she is writing exams well and studying well. But when dawn broke, the worst happened.

Nagajyothi’s parents immediately reached Hanmakonda after receiving a phone call from the college saying that she was serious. The real thing was told by the college management. Students and public associations raised the concern that Nagajyoti lost her life due to the negligence of the college management. The brothers are crying because they know that their daughter is no more and will never come again.

On the other hand, he expressed concern that the college management is not paying attention. They demanded that the college management should be arrested and justice should be given to the victim’s family. The police registered a case based on the complaint of the parents and started investigation from all angles.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 12:26 AM IST

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