Anushka affair with senior actor.. Prabhas breakup with Devasena?

First Published Mar 3, 2023, 10:52 AM IST

There have been many rumors that Anushka and Prabhas are in love and are going to get married. But both of them have been denying them. But now a shocking thing is doing the rounds.

Prabhas and Anushka have acted together in three films so far. The first time pairing with “Billa” made this couple a good name. Both have the same personality and the couple is good to look at, so the fans loved this couple very much. Regardless of the movie, they were marked as a hit pair.

After ‘Billa’ they acted together in ‘Mirchi’. In this, the chemistry between the two has increased. And with the two parts of “Baahubali”, their chemistry and relationship reached a peak. There are reports that these two are deeply in love. Appearing together in both the functions seems to have added strength to the rumours. Meanwhile, news came that these two are ready to get married. Family members denied that there was no truth in it. Prabhas has been saying that they are just good friends.

However, the rumors do not stop on them. Recently, the news that these two have broken up is making noise on social media. Prabhas was hurt by Anushka’s behavior and decided to stay away from her. The reason is that Prabhas has come to know that Anushka is having an affair with a senior actor and the two are having an affair. Darling decided to stay away from Anushka after knowing that. Prabhas said that he could not bear Anushka’s deception and left.

And the big question is who will Anushka be romantic with and who will be that senior actor. Anushka last acted in the movie ‘Silent’. She acted with R Madhavan in it. Before that “Bhagamati” did. She acted with Jayamram and Unnimukundan in it. Before that she acted in “Baahubali”. And who is that senior actor heard on social media has now become a big suspense.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised as to whether this is true. The big question is whether Prabhas and Anushka are actually in a relationship. Is there a chance of love and breakup between this couple who said they are friends? If it is a million dollar question, the argument heard from her fans is that Anushka needs to have an affair with senior actors. Is this a room? Is there any truth in this? We have to wait for a few more days to know. However, now the news of Anushka and Prabhas breakup is shaking the social media.

Prabhas is currently busy with four films. He is doing “Adipurush”, “Salar”, “Project K” and “Raja Deluxe” with Maruti. He is busy participating in the shooting of three movies at the same time. Does he have time to run his affairs in such busy schedules? is an argument. On the other hand, after a long gap, Anushka will now act in the film ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ with the boy hero Naveen Polishetty.


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