AP Graduates MLC Results Give YCP a Cheek: Jada Sravankumar

MLC Election Results 2023: Jai Bhim Bharat Party President Jada Shravan Kumar criticized the ruling party YSRCC on the results of the Graduates MLC Elections in Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the results of the AP MLC elections are like a slap in the face to the government. He said that it is certain that the YSRCC will suffer a setback in the future general elections in the state.

Going into the details.. The counting of votes for the three posts of Graduates MLC in Andhra Pradesh is going on. While Telugu Desam Party is leading in North Andhra and East Rayalaseema seats, TDP and Vaikapal are competing like you or me in West Rayalaseema. In this sequence, Jada Shravan Kumar, President of Jaibheem Bharat Party responded and criticized the ruling party. He said that the results of the AC MLC elections are like a slap in the face to the ruling party. He said that the defeat of YSRCP is certain in the upcoming elections.

Jada Shravan thanked those who voted against the Vaikapa after recognizing the agadas of the ruling party. He said that there is opposition to the government in the people and that the people of Uttar Andhra have defeated Vaikapa in the AP graduate election and the MLC election of the graduates is a proof. Voters have given the ruling party a crushing shock. Referring to the state capital, he criticized that the ruling party Vaikapa is spending time with three capitals and has not developed any area. He said that in the coming days, farmers, traders and people are sure to send Vaikapa home.

MP Avinash Reddy mentioned about the case stating that he should not be punished for his mistakes. He criticized the verdict given by the High Court in the Avinash Reddy case as a slap in the face to the ruling party and its leaders. Talking about the journey of the Bharat Party, Jaibheem said that his party will contest in all the seats in the upcoming assembly elections.


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