Are women holding back urine for a long time?

Generally there is a huge difference between women who stay at home and women who go out and work. Women who go out and work often do not urinate because their offices do not have proper facilities. So there are more risks of getting infections. Even if they have to go to urinate, many people do not want to go there due to the lack of proper hygiene in the washrooms, so they hold back.

Normally, all the substances in our body also go out in the form of urine, but if we stay tight for a long time without passing urine, the entire bladder is filled with the substances in our body. It is in this sequence that there is a possibility of harmful bacteria growing there and thus causing urinary tract infections. If it is more, it can also cause kidney damage.

Many women do not like to drink water because there are no proper washrooms in the offices. Due to not drinking enough water, the wastes in the body do not go out in the form of urine and are lost in the body. There is a risk of getting urinary tract infections due to prolonged retention of the bladder. The first time this infection occurs is called primary infection. But if there are repeated such infections, it is called persistent bacteriuria or recurrent urinary infection.

These infections have symptoms like fever, burning during urination and frequent urination. If there are such symptoms, this infection can be reduced by taking antibiotic tablets or if this infection worsens, it must be admitted in the hospital and treated in the presence of specialist doctors.


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