Are you struggling with financial problems… just bring these two things home!

Generally everyone is working very hard during the day but the money received in hand does not stay in hand. This money is spent as it is received. Many people are struggling with financial problems. Those who are troubled with financial problems can check their financial problems by keeping these two items and worshiping them at home.

Must have these two things in home to get rid of financial troubles gnr

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 3:15 PM IST

Those who are troubled by financial problems can get relief from financial problems by placing Kamadenu idol and peacock pincha in the puja room at home. Kamadenu and peacock pincha also look at Lord Krishna, so by putting them in the house and worshiping them at home, all the negative energy is removed and positive energy is created in our house. So that Goddess Lakshmi’s grace will also be upon us.

But it is good to worship the Peacock Pincha in South East direction but should not be bought whenever it falls. On any festival occasion or on an important day like Full Moon, buying Peacock Pincha and worshiping it in the South East direction at home will bring many auspicious results. It is also very good to worship the image of Kamadenu, who is drinking calf milk from a cow, at home.

Vastu experts say that this idol should be placed towards north or east direction. Thus, due to the presence of Kamadenu idol in the house, there will not be any kind of financial problems in that house and childless couple will also get Santanayoga. But it is very good for those who are facing financial problems at home to worship them at home. Those who are faced with difficulties in the same jobs and businesses will get good fortune by placing these idols in their offices where they do business.

Last Updated Mar 1, 2023, 3:15 PM IST

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