Are you using matrimony sites like this..?

All those who are getting married know about matrimony sites. What does one do on matrimony sites..? They keep their photo, profile… and search for their suitable match. If someone likes you, talk to them… and take the next step. But…does anyone search matrimony sites for career growth…?that’s what a young lady did. She used the matrimony site for her career. That’s what it means.. Why read it late?

A person named Ashwin Bansal started by saying that a post posted on Linked In is impressing everyone immensely. It is noteworthy that his friends use it to find out how the salary growth will be. If you look at the profiles of some people, you will know what company they are working in, and their salary. With that… it will be known which companies are giving what kind of salary structure. That’s why.. she chose matrimony sites to know these details. It is noteworthy that he said that his girlfriend was learning about companies that profile people. Now this linked in post has become viral.


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