‘Are you waiting for another suicide?’.. Rashmi Gautam reacts to Nagashaurya’s viral video!

Star anchor Rashmi Gautam has once again made shocking comments. Nettinta reacted to the viral video of young hero Nagashaurya. Netizens expressed displeasure with such comments.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam responded on Naga Shaurya's viral video

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 12:46 PM IST

It is known how active star anchor Rashmi Gautam is on social media. She also reacts on social issues in her career. Recently, she expressed her opinion in response to ‘Amber Peta dog attack’. It received huge criticism from netizens. Naga Shaurya also responded to the video which is currently going viral. Some netizens criticized Nagashaurya’s denial of the case of a lover cheating on his girlfriend. This made their behavior wrong.

The comments of some netizens were cut short and the twitter platform was infuriated. It is a shame to post comments saying that the lover likes the girl. Who knows how much pressure that girl is under. Are you really waiting for another suicide?’ She got angry. KMC objected to the comments made by the netizens indirectly remembering the suicide of the student. Currently, Rashmi Gautam’s comments are going viral on the internet. Yesterday (Tuesday) Nagashaurya expressed his anger over a young man slapping a young woman on the cheek at a traffic signal in Hyderabad. The youth was arrested on the sidewalk. The video has gone viral.

Rashmi Gautam has been responding to social issues in her own style from time to time. And during Corona, humanity showed itself by providing food to mute animals, especially street dogs. On the other hand, her career is taking off. ‘Jabardasth’ is entertaining with the comedy show on the screen. Also getting opportunities as an actress. Currently, she is acting in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Bhola Shankar’. Previously, she entertained with films like ‘Guntur Talkies’, ‘Antam’ and ‘Next Nuvve’ as a heroine. Currently, she continues to be on the screen and is receiving opportunities as an actress. On the other hand, his own

Last Updated Mar 1, 2023, 12:46 PM IST

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