Assembly elections concluded in Tripura.. More than 80 percent polling..

Voting for the assembly elections in the northeastern state of Tripura was peaceful on Thursday. All 60 seats were polled in a single phase. 82.78% polling was recorded till 5 pm. Chief Electoral Officer Gitte Kiran Kumar Dinakar Rao said that the election results will come on March 2. Earlier in 2018, 90% polling took place in Tripura and BJP formed the government. This time a total of 3,337 polling booths have been set up in the state. 28.13 lakh people in the state exercised their right to vote. The fate of 259 candidates has been decided.

1100 sensitive booths, security for 28 booths

Of the 3,337 booths, 1,100 are sensitive while 28 are hyper-sensitive, said Chief Electoral Officer Gitte Kirankumar Dinakarao. Section 144 applies in the state. Along with this, 25 thousand security forces have also been deployed.

Appealing for voting on Twitter on polling has become a controversy for BJP and Congress. The Election Commission has sent notices to both the parties for violating the Election Code of Conduct. A notice has also been sent to BJP general secretary Dilip Saikia in this regard.

Sensational comments of Tipra Mota Chief Pradyot

On the other hand.. while the polling was going on.. Tipra Mota chief Pradyot Manikya Dabarma, who is contesting in this election, made sensational comments. They said that they are the only party that is giving a tough competition to the BJP that is currently in power. Pradyot said that he is thinking of buying BJP MLAs if his party does not get majority.

On the question of post-election alliance, Debbarma said, ‘I am thinking of selling a part of my palace and buying 25-30 BJP MLAs. He said that I only have money. Why believe we are the only ones for sale? Why raise questions only about us? “BJP can buy them too,” he said.

Congress and CPM contested this election together with the aim of ousting the ruling BJP. It seems that the main competition is between BJP, Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura alliance, Tipra Mota and Congress-CPM. The support of 31 MLAs is required to form the government. Counting of votes for this election will be held on March 2.


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