At the age of 110, that grandmother was reborn.. New teeth, hairs.. Grand rebirth celebrations.. Where..

A 110-year-old grandmother has now become a hot topic. This is because she has new teeth and new hair at this age. With this they are celebrating rebirth.

110 years old woman gets new hair and teeth, family celebrates 'Rebirth' celebrations in West Bengal - bsb

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 1:18 PM IST

West Bengal: A rare incident took place in the state of West Bengal. A 110-year-old grandmother is getting new teeth and hair. Everyone was surprised by this. As the doctors also said that this is a rare event, all the family members of the grandmother held a re-birth ceremony as if she was born again. People who live more than hundred years are seen here and there. They also enter the Guinness World Records as the longest living people. But the old skin remains the same.. Like a new born papaya, no changes are seen in the body. But, here it was in the case of this grandmother. This is being described as a rare event.

That grandmother’s name is Sakhibala Mondal. Age 110 years. She is now getting new teeth and hair. Seeing this, the locals gasped in surprise. The incident took place in Budge Budge constituency of West Bengal. With this, Sakhibala Mondal’s family members organized a grand rebirth ceremony for her. In addition to many locals, many dignitaries including Budge Budge No. 2 Block Vice President Buchan Banerjee attended the ceremony.

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Sakhibala Mondal celebrated her rebirth at the age of 110 with her 80-year-old daughter, grandchildren and their children. However, her new teeth and hair are the ‘rebirth’ aspect that stands out.

However, a senior doctor said on getting new teeth at the age of 110.. This kind of thing is very rare. But it is not impossible. Because new hairs and teeth need more calcium and other minerals needed by the body. However, this does not happen due to the lack of these percentages in the elderly. But it was possible in Sakhibala Mondal case. It was said that a hundred years old woman got new teeth near Ghatal a year ago.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 1:18 PM IST

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