Atrocious.. A pet dog attacked a six-year-old child.. More than 1000 stitches on the face..

In America, a six-year-old child was attacked by a pet dog and received more than a thousand stitches on her face.

6-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Pit Bull Dog In US Receives 1,000 Stitches On Face - bsb

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 10:52 AM IST

America: It is known that dogs attacking children has become a sensation in Telugu states. But the attack of dogs on children is not limited to our state and our country. Similar incidents are also coming to light in foreign countries. A six-year-old girl was seriously injured in a similar incident in America. The child was attacked by a dog when she went to play with her friend next door.

Doctors performed surgery for about 12 hours to save the girl who was seriously injured in the attack. More than 1000 stitches were done. This tear-jerking incident happened in Chesterville in America. On February 18, Lily Norton, a six-year-old girl from the area, went to play with her friend next door. There they are sitting together at the table playing cards.

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Meanwhile, a pit bull dog that was being raised among them suddenly attacked the child. In this attack, the child suffered serious injuries on her face. The girl’s face became pale as her teeth fell out. Lily’s friend who was there along with this unexpected incident screamed in fear. Then the friend’s mother who was in the inner room came running and chased the dog away from there.

Lily called her parents and told them about it. When they arrived, Lily was rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital. But when the doctors said that the child’s treatment would cost a lot of money, the parents were in a dilemma. As they did not have that much money, they asked their friends for help. A person who is a friend of Lily’s family raised funds on social media.

Lily was operated on this Saturday after the necessary funds were raised for the operation. The doctors said that he got more than a thousand stitches because of the severe injury he fell on his face. Moreover, they said that after a week, the child Lily will have to undergo another operation. He said that the child’s health is stable but the girl is not talking or laughing now. He said that this condition is due to the severe injury of the facial muscles in the dog attack. The parents expressed their grief that they had worked hard to keep their daughter alive. He reminded his daughter, who was always playing smartly and singing, that dogs are also a lot of love. Lily’s mother, Dorothy Nortin, said … lamenting her daughter’s long recovery.

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