Bandi Sanjay, who is ready for initiation to protest the rape of women.. These are the details..

Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay is ready for another initiation. It has been decided to hold a protest on the 6th of this month to protest against the rape of women in the state. Initiation will be done at BJP state office in Nampally, Hyderabad. Party lines are making arrangements in this regard. Meanwhile, Bandi Sanjay, speaking at the State Mahila Morcha meeting at the party office in Nampally recently, questioned why CM KCR and Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali are not responding to the increasing violence against women.

Crimes are being committed against women every day in the state. They said that if BJP comes to power, they will make the lives of such criminals hell. He said that the houses of all the criminals who commit violence against women will be bulldozed like in Uttar Pradesh.

He said that the CM did not say anything from the Warangal Medico Preeti incident to the rape in Jubilee Hills. He said that people are now looking at BJP as an alternative. Women believe that they can live with dignity if their party is in power. CM KCR’s daughter Kavita is the only one who cares. BRS goons are insulting YSRTP chief YS Sharmi that all the protection and positions are only for her. Bandi Sanjay said that there is no need to remain silent in the face of such insults.


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