BBC is not afraid of ED and Bodi .. But Zee Newsa: KCR slams Modi on documentary

Telangana CM KCR reacted to the BBC documentary which recently created a sensation across the country. If the documentary is aired, KCR said that the BBC should be banned in India. He pointed out that BBC is not Zee News to be afraid of ED and Bodi.

telangana cm kcr slams pm narendra modi on bbc documentary

First Published Feb 12, 2023, 3:43 PM IST

CM asked whether BBC should be banned if it documents on Godhra riots. KCR expressed anger that a BJP lawyer filed a case in the Supreme Court to tell Modi to do a little better work and to ban the BBC. The CM made strong comments saying that BBC i.e. Zee Newsa should be shut down as soon as the ED attacks. KCR asked whether the BBC is afraid of the ED and the body. KCR expressed his anger saying that if he speaks against it, he will say that he has prepared a room in the jail. He prophesied that BJP will be doomed after 2024.

KCR reminded that Vajpayee called Indira Gandhi Kalika after the Bangladesh war. The CM said that the Indira Gandhi government has collapsed with the verdict of the Allahabad Court. KCR reminded that Janata Party which came later made some mistakes. He said that because of Janata Party’s mistakes, people have crowned Indira Gandhi again. KCR said that there is no one better than Modi in making debts. The CM asked that the country is being privatized crosswise. What is the need to sell LIC, he said. The CM said that Air India has been handed over to Tata again. KCR questioned whether there will be growth rate anywhere during Modi’s regime.

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KCR expressed his anger that the country has become a nuisance in the form of Adani. The CM expressed his concern that Adani’s property has been dissolved. He said that Adani also came to Telangana to set up a company.. Fortunately, Adani company did not come to us. He asked that Modi did not give an answer about Adani. KCR complained that Modi and Rahul are fighting over how many governments have been overthrown.

KCR made it clear that Modi will not speak if the country’s situation is critical. The CM said that India ranks lower than Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in terms of per capita income. The 5 trillion dollar economy is a big joke. KCR said that our country has stopped at 3.3 trillion dollars.. Our country ranks 139 out of 192 countries. The CM urged those who give advice to Modi to give it properly. He said that India’s affairs were revealed by Hindenburg.. Even though all this is happening, Modi will not say a single word against Adani. KCR reminded that BRS and Congress fought in the Parliament over this.

Last Updated Feb 12, 2023, 3:43 PM IST

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