Bigg Boss Bhanu Shree, who targeted the boys, is romantic in the trailer of “EMI Ee Tari”


First Published Mar 5, 2023, 11:11 PM IST

Everything in the world is available on EMI. Also what if the girl is also found in EMI is our “EMI this girl”. It is special that Bigg Boss face Noel Sein and Bhanu Sri are acting together. Donthu Ramesh is directing the film as a romantic entertainer. Donthu Butchayya, Bammidi Sangeet presented under the banner of Sri Avaduta Venkaiah Swamy Productions D. Ramesh Goud has produced this film, all the programs are completed and the trailer of the film unit “EMI Ee Tetya” has been released on the occasion of the release of the film on 10th of this month. All the latest releases are impressive. Targeted at the youth, it has romantic and thriller elements.

During the release of the trailer of “EMI Ee Tetya”, hero Noel said, “I have heard many times that a father’s effort is a son’s effort. But through this movie I have seen this father and son. A lot of people go into movies and don’t do anchoring. “EMI This Girl” is a film that he worked hard to make his son’s dream come true. Every single artist has a hope to do with Chiranjeevi, but such opportunities come only when directors and producers like you prove it. Thanks to the director and producers for believing in me that Noel will make this movie. Heroine Bhanu is a very hard worker and she acted very well in this. He said that he sincerely wants to make this movie, which is coming on the 10th of this month, a big hit.

Heroine Bhanu said.. “EMI is this girl.” It is in everyone’s life. From poor people to rich people there is no house without paying EMI. So “EMI this girl” is a part of everyone’s life. When the director told me this story I found it very interesting. I agreed to do it immediately.”

Director of the film Donthu Ramesh said.. “Ours is a remote village in West Godavari. My father was a farmer and he supported me to make my dream come true. Even though we faced many difficulties for this film during Corona time, my father stood by us and completed the film. Bhanushree and Noyal who acted in it were very supportive. The film did well with everyone’s support. But East West Rajeev Garu and Burra Prashant Goud Garu are standing in support and giving us courage to release the film. If such people are in the industry, even a small producer will not be troubled,” he said.

Presenter Donthu Buchchayya said.. We had a lot of difficulty in making the film “EMI.Ee Matarai” which is a film based on the various problems faced by girls at different stages. With the support of all the actresses, actors and technicians, the movie turned out very well. Please support our film which is coming to the audience on 10th of this month. Everyone who has seen it will definitely like it.

Noel Sean, Bigg Boss femme Banushree, Chammak Chandra, Satthi Pandu, Dhanraj, Bhadram, Chalaki Chanti, Hariteja, Chandana, Mahesh etc.

Technical experts
Banner :: Sri Avadutha Venkaiah Swamy Productions
Producer: D. Ramesh Goud
Story, Screenplay Directed by: Donthu Ramesh
Cinematography : Ym. Mohan Chand
Music: Ravi Shankar
Editor : Nandamuri Hari
Lyrics : Suddala Ashok Teja, Sri Mani, Chirravuri Vijay Kumar,
Dialogues: Gatikachalam, Kesava Kona,
Co Director : K. Srinivasa Rao
Arts Yam. Yes. Vasu
P. R. O : Harish, Dinesh

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