‘Bigg Boss’ hot beauty in saree.. Netizens are following Chiranjeevi’s movie!

Alekya Harika of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame is impressing with stunning photoshoots. She is blowing the minds of the guys by looking beautiful in sarees. Recently shared photos are becoming viral.

It is a well-known fact that Alekya Harika has created a sensation as a YouTuber. This beauty who can speak eloquently in Telangana language and accent has got a good craze among the youth through YouTube videos and short films.

Dethadi Harika became well known to YouTube users and Telugu audience. It has gained a lot of craze in a short time. With this, she directly entered the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’ house.

This beauty entered the house with season 4 and got good recognition among the TV audience. She actively participated in every task in the house and impressed the youth.. After coming out of the house, this beauty gained more fame.

Currently, fan following is increasing on social media. On this occasion, she is impressing the netizens by posting crazy posts. On the other hand, the mind is blocked by doing photoshoots to get excited. Shining in a fresh saree.

She feasted on glamor by appearing in a sleeveless blouse and saree. The waist suffocated the boy with beauty. Nettinta created a stir with intoxicating poses. Sharing photos, ‘Which song suits you best?’ She asked the fans for their opinion.

With this, fans as well as netizens are praising Harika’s beauty. They opine that the song ‘Ammo Neyamma Richade.. Andand Pogesi Kannade’ from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s movie ‘Anji’ is enough to compare Harika’s beauty. On the other hand ‘Barsore Megha’ is singing those songs. Harika is currently making noise on social media and impressing.


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