Bitter experience for Bollywood actress.. Urfijaved driver who disappeared with luggage.. What happened..?

Not only common people.. In some cases even celebrities are getting unprotected. They also don’t miss a turn. Bollywood actress Urfi Javed recently experienced a similar incident.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

Even celebrities like common people have some twists and turns. Actors and celebrities also sometimes have flips. If not, the situation may be different but… there are many cases where celebrities have faced difficulties in some way. Bollywood actress Urfi Javed also had a similar experience in this show.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

Actress Urfi Javed, who is shining as a star in social media, had a bitter experience. She herself revealed that on the net. Shared with everyone. So what actually happened to her.. The beauty was cheated by a cab driver.

Urfi booked a cab to go to the airport from the area where she is staying in Delhi. Urfi said that while there was a small work in the middle of the road and she was taking care of the work, the driver made a little fuss with her luggage. The details regarding this have been posted in the Insta story.

And what Urfa Javed wrote on social media.. I had the worst experience today. The taxi driver disappeared with my luggage. He came after about two hours but was already drunk. Urfi wrote that Uber.. you should take some safety in the case of girls.

Urfi Javed

Many netizens who are responding to this are making comments. Some people are responding positively and some are reacting negatively. Good experience. Someone says that this has to happen to you.. Use Metro. Another commented that many people take selfies with you. Autos are the best. Another person is commenting that next time auto book.

Urfi Javed

And trolls are also making faces at her in various ways in the matter of dressing. Recently, Urpi changed the jeans pants to a top and faced criticism in this regard. Not only that, Urfi also gives strong counters to her critics. Urfi, who gained fame with Bigg Boss, is busy acting in many songs and ads.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

Urfi Javed got recognition by participating in Bigg Boss OTT Hindi season. The show went viral on social media. The task is to increase the following there. She is always in the lime light with her own hot dressing style. She wears bikinis and dresses by making designs with various materials beyond imagination.


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