‘BJP is misleading people’: Ashok Gehlot

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that he met the families of the martyrs. Ashok Gehlot said that under the package offered by the government, the families of martyrs have been given land, houses, schools named after martyrs and jobs for their children.

Ashok Gehlot Over Pulwama Widows' Protest

First Published Mar 12, 2023, 11:49 PM IST

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot accused the BJP leaders of misleading people and tarnishing the image of Rajasthan. He defended the benefits provided by the state government to the martyrs’ families. The Chief Minister said that the package given by the Rajasthan government to the families of the soldiers who died in the Pulwama, Balakot and Kargil wars is nowhere in the country.

Ashok Gehlot said that he brought the package 25 years ago when he was the chief minister. The families of the martyrs are being granted land and houses under the package. They are building schools in the name of martyrs and providing jobs to their children. The Chief Minister made this comment in the wake of the protest by the families of the three soldiers who died in the war.

“Misleading the public”

The Chief Minister is still saying why he is asking for a job after four years? This incident took place in 2019, but there was no demand then and now suddenly after four years the issue has been raised. They (BJP leaders) are misleading people and tarnishing the image of Rajasthan. He said that if they (BJP leaders) continue like this, the people will give a suitable answer. We are giving a good package to the families of martyrs. He asked how they would ask for a job other than children.

Pulwama Martyrs’ Wives Dharna

The CM said that on Saturday he met the wives of war martyrs who are demanding reservation in jobs for their children. In fact, the widows of Pulwama martyrs have been protesting since February 28 to change the rules so that not only the children but also the relatives can get jobs based on compassion and other demands. Seven days ago they went on an indefinite hunger strike. BJP is also besieging the state government on this issue.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2023, 11:49 PM IST

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