Bollywood star hero Karthik Aryan has been fined by the Mumbai police, because..?

Even celebrities are caught making small mistakes every now and then. But sometimes they get blamed even if they don’t do it. A similar situation happened to Bollywood star hero Karthik Aryan in this episode.

Kartik Aaryan issued challan Mumbai Traffic Police

First Published Feb 19, 2023, 9:17 AM IST

It is common for celebrities to get stuck in cases like going on the rag route.. drunk and driving. There are many people who have been caught by the police and jailed. But the latest Bollywood young hero Karthik Aryan’s work as a driver.. he is stuck. Mumbai Police fined Karthik’s car for his driver’s mistake. Not only that, it was not Karthik who drove the car.. Karthik was not even in the car.. However, the challan and the video of the fine being fined by the Mumbai traffic police on social media went viral.

The tweet of the Mumbai police has become a topic of discussion, showing Karthik Aaryan in a wrong and not related to him.. Mentioning the dialogue in his recent movie, Shehzada.. So what actually happened..? Yesterday (February 18) on the occasion of Mahashivratri, Karthik Aryan’s driver parked his car outside the famous Siddhi Vinayaka Temple in Mumbai. But the police fined this car for wrong parking. The police posted the video of the challan along with the photo of the car being parked on the wrong side on Twitter.

In this tweet, the car is parked on the wrong side. Mumbai Police have also written a dialogue saying that Shehzada will not follow the traffic rules. This tweet became viral on the net. Karthik Aryan fans are furious about this. Karthik is getting fired saying how can you do this without knowing about the actual car. They are preaching that it is better to know the real facts.

Recently Karthik starrer Shehzada was released in a grand manner. This is a remake of the Allu Arjun starrer Tollywood blockbuster movie Ala Vaikunthapuram. It seems that Karthik Aryan will not get much of a workout from this movie. On the other hand, this young hero is busy with a handful of films.

Last Updated Feb 19, 2023, 9:17 AM IST

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