Born in Zimbabwe.. Played for England.. Now the cricketer will play for home again..

There is nothing strange about being born in one country and playing in another. Many players represent a country other than their country of birth due to lack of opportunities or family migration. But it is definitely interesting to be born in one country and play in another country and come back to his home country to play. Recently a cricketer has achieved this rare feat. His name is Gary Ballance. Former England cricketer.

Gary Balance was born in Harare (Zimbabwe). Balance’s parents worked in the tobacco fields in Mozambique. All his education went there. Balance was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but his grandparents emigrated from Britain during World War II.

Entry into England team..

Balance went to England in 2006. There he played counties and got recognition. He was selected for the England national team in 2013 after excelling in the counties. He played for England from 2013 to 2017. He played 23 Tests and 18 ODIs for that team. With the loss of Pam, the chances of balance in the national team have dwindled. Despite excelling in the counties, Balance did not get a place in the national team as the young players had already solidified their positions in the team. So he returned to Zimbabwe.

Back to home..

Balance played for Zimbabwe in December last year. He started playing in the national team and then was selected for the national team. He played in the Ireland-Zimbabwe match in December. And now Balance is going to achieve another rare feat. Test matches will be held between Zimbabwe and West Indies in February. Balance was also selected for this series. Thus, he will be the 16th cricketer to play Test cricket for two countries.

Cricketers who have played Tests for both countries:

– Billy Midwinter (Australia, England)
– William Lloyd Mudroch (Australia, England)
– JJ Ferris (Australia, England)
– Sammy Woods (Australia, England)
– Frank Hearn (England, South Africa)
– Albert Trott (Australia, England)
– Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi (England, India)
– Gul Mohammed (India, Pakistan)
– Abdul Hafeez Kardar (India, Pakistan)
– Amir Elahi (India, Pakistan)
– Sammy Guillen (West Indies, New Zealand)
– John Troikos (South Africa, Zimbabwe)
– Kepler Vessels (Australia, South Africa)
– Boyd Rankin (England, Ireland)
– Gary Ballance (England, Zimbabwe)


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